Montana Dental Hygienists’ Association Legislative Information



For the 2021 Legislative session, MDHA is bringing forth a bill that will not only increase access to care and improve the health of Montanans, but also will create jobs to improve Montana’s economy.  Click on the links below to learn more.  Click here for bill language

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Pew Report: When Regulations Block Access to Oral Care, Children Suffer

White Paper: School Oral Health:  An Organizational Framework to Improve
Outcomes for Children and Adolescents.  Oral Health 2020

RDH Workforce in Montana

Seeking Dental Care_ Utilizing Dental Hygienists in New Practice Settings

Infographic – Medical Dental Integration

2021 Talking Points

Medical Dental Integration Toolkit

Two Paths in Dentistry

How to Look for Bills in Montana



Contact your Legislator:

Phone: 406.444.3064

Web site  https://www.leg.mt.gov/

Who is my Senator or Representative?

To brush up on the legislative process, read “How a Bill Becomes a Law.”