President’s Message


carapicHenry Ford once said, “coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” The key word in this quote is “together”. Without it we have nothing. Our beginning starts with our new members. Every new season of members is a new beginning. Progress is our retention in our members. Keeping our members happy enough to stick around through the hard part is quite a task. We won’t be able to please everyone at every time, but know that we are putting our hearts and minds into making this association one that every hygienist wants to be a part of.  Finally, success comes from those we trust with leadership. So many leaders before me have paved the road to success with victories happening throughout the way. We owe so much to them. Going into a legislative year, we are never really sure what direction things will go, but if we have a support group behind us, we can go forward strong and in line with what our profession needs to move towards. I am grateful to those who have mentored me and who continue to mentor me!

During the 2016 ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning, one of the keynote speakers discussed how brilliant ideas come from those who think outside of the box, who tap into their creative side to see what may be. First and foremost we are clinical hygienists, we are clinical and scientific thinkers. What if we all tapped into our 4 year old selves and thought creatively? How could our profession grow? What job opportunities would we be finding? I challenge you all to think outside the box, pull out those Crayolas and start thinking about your profession in a creative way. Who knows what you might come up with!

Lastly, I am so proud to be a part of this association. I am thankful to the members for believing in something that isn’t always tangible. Please continue to be involved, from just showing up to component meetings all the way to being on the Board of Trustees. Every person is valued, whatever your duty may be.

Thank you,

Cara Reck, RDH, LAP

MDHA President