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Welcome to the Montana Dental Hygienists’ Association Membership Information

Why Join??

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Types of Membership

Membership in your professional association . . . $18.50/month
Supporting your profession . . . Priceless!!



MDHA is the professional association for Montana Dental Hygienists. As a member you will also enjoy the benefits of being a part of our national association ADHA. It is a tri-part membership providing support on 3 levels, nationally, state wide, and local component levels.

ADHA offers quarterly payments for membership dues. For the Montana member that means only a little over $50 per quarter. This payment plan allows budget flexibility while maintaining your membership status.

The membership fees should not be viewed as dues but rather as an investment in ourselves and our profession. You probably became a dental hygienist because you wanted to help people. Don’t forget to care for yourself and to keep your profession strong and healthy too. To our current members, thank you for your continued support. To non-members, we ask that this be the year that you consider joining with us at ADHA/MDHA. From free publications to professional discounts to safeguarding your future, your ADHA/MDHA membership investment will surely yield nothing but big returns.


Membership Benefits and Services

Access to Information

MDHA members receive all of the MDHA newsletters, Hygiene Bulletin. Within the pages of this newsletter you can access current information such as; employment, continuing education, and the oral health issues and trends in Montana. Members also receive a subscription to the Journal of Dental Hygiene, ADHA’s official publication that brings you scientific and technical articles on clinical practice, research, and education. In addition, members receive the association’s magazine, Access, that helps you stay abreast of the issues that are important to dental hygiene.

Continuing Education
MDHA members offers you a substantial reduction on all of the outstanding continuing educational courses offered in Montana. You also receive many free online courses available through ADHA, and discounts at ADHA Annual session.

Through membership, you can help to ensure a viable future for dental hygiene. MDHA has and continues to be an advocate for the advancement and improvement of the oral health services in Montana. MDHA continues to work to protect the value of your educational credentials and to preserve the integrity of your license. WE NEED YOU as a member for that will greatly help this process. There is strength and unity in numbers.

Professional Network
By participating at the local, state, and national level, you can make numerous professional contacts that can help you within your professional field as well as in many other areas of your life. In many instances, they become dear friends and advocates.

Your membership will provide you with the opportunity to apply for several types of insurance such as professional liability, long term disability, life, vision, dental and pet insurance.

Leadership Opportunities
Becoming active within your professional organization can be an extremely awesome experience with unlimited potential. As a Montana hygienist we can work and practice within limited roles. However, leadership within MDHA and ADHA offers countless opportunities.

You can make contributions to your community’s oral health standards through professional activities with your local association. Professional membership and activity within it, builds a positive identity for you and the dental hygiene professional. You can also become a role model for recruiting candidates into the dental hygiene professional.

Members are eligible for discounts on office products, car insurance, Dell computers, hotels and car rentals. Also, members are eligible for competitively priced credit card programs.


If you are a dental hygienist in Montana, or plan to become one we urge you to join our association. You can learn more about becoming a member by contacting our Membership Committee Chair –